Findhelp and GA Foods Launch Nationwide Partnership to Address Food Insecurity and Provide Healthy Meals

AUSTIN, Texas-findhelp, the nation’s leading social care network, today announced a new partnership with GA Foods, the preferred national nutrition fulfillment platform for at-risk populations. The partnership will address food insecurity nationwide by providing an easy way for findhelp customers to order and deliver medically-tailored meals and nutritious meal kits to the people they serve.

“This is a great step forward for our customers addressing food insecurity. Many organizations using the findhelp platform are already innovators in the social determinants of health space and this partnership allows them to more seamlessly connect those in need directly to resources that can provide healthy and nutritious food,” said Kristi Kempe, Vice President of Partnerships at findhelp. “We are thrilled that GA Foods and findhelp’s core values are aligned to help those experiencing food insecurity receive the dignity of a response when they’re looking for help, and to reduce the hurdles of accessing healthy food. We’re excited to continue to innovate with GA Foods to support our customers and the people they serve.”

People looking for help, and those who support them, conducted more than 250,000 food-related searches on the findhelp network in 2021, making food insecurity the second-highest category of need. At the same time, numerous state agencies are launching innovative new programs – in some cases taking advantage of Medicaid 1115 waivers – to reimburse insurance companies and other organizations for providing social goods and services, like healthy food, to people experiencing need.

Findhelp and GA foods are teaming up to address the growing focus on food insecurity by efficiently connecting people who require medically-tailored meals or nutritious food with meal delivery services. Through the partnership, findhelp customers can now order services from GA Foods directly from their findhelp platform in a streamlined workflow. Users can track updates, close the loop on food-related referrals, and analyze individual and aggregate data about the populations they serve. For people experiencing social needs, it’s important to quickly know whether or not they can receive services from a given program; findhelp’s partnership with GA Foods will provide both the dignity of a response and high-quality meals, preventing people from experiencing hunger and nutrient deficiency.

“For nearly half a century, GA Foods has been building a nationwide operation to connect people in need with healthy food options, and this partnership with findhelp will extend our mission of Nourishment Delivered even further,” said John Siegel, Chief Commercial Officer at GA Foods. “We are excited to leverage findhelp’s innovative platform to make it easier for organizations across the country to access the nutritious food options we provide and make them available to insecure populations across the country.”

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About findhelp

Findhelp is the nation’s leading social care network, making it easy for customers in a wide range of industries to integrate social care into the work they already do—from education and government to housing, healthcare, and more. Through customer platforms and our public site,, the findhelp network reaches more than 9 million users across the country, making it easy to connect people seeking help and the verified social care providers that serve them, with dignity and ease.

About GA Foods

GA Foods, marketed under the SunMeadow® brand name, is a specialized maker of highly nutritious meals serving the unique nutritional needs of healthcare patients, seniors, children, the military, and emergency responders to disasters and pandemics. We are the preferred national fulfillment platform for healthcare companies and government agencies to deliver the nutrition requirements of at-risk populations and those in need. We have been creating and delivering high-quality, nutritious, and well-balanced meals for more than 49 years, and we continue to evolve to provide innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.