FMI Celebrates Seven Extraordinary Food Industry Executives

Arlington, Va. – FMI—The Food Industry Association announces its 2023 Executive Leadership Awards recipients, including Rick Brindle; Elizabeth Chace-Marino; Ron Edenfield; Bob Obray; Art Potash; Gordon Reid; and Joe Sheridan. These seven executives have exemplified food industry excellence through first-rate company leadership, community impact and customer service. The 2023 awards were presented at FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference Awards luncheon in Orlando sponsored by Unilever.

“The recipients of the 2023 Executive Leadership Awards constitute a masterclass in food industry leadership,” said FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin. “Their time-tested skills and cultivated expertise promoted food industry growth and gracefully elevated the industry’s profile, even when faced with the toughest economic environment in 40 years.”

The recipients of the 2023 Executive Leadership Awards are as follows:

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