FMI Food Safety 2019 Initiatives

The FMI Food Safety Program supports the food retail industry in selling safe food to loyal customers every day. FMI has several member committees dedicated to food safety and the technical staff offers expertise, 24/7 crisis support and comprehensive food safety training programs for member companies. Last year, FMI members focused on Listeria prevention, cleaning and sanitation resources, and traceability technologies to advance food safety. The year ended up being a challenging one with a series of devastating foodborne outbreaks to hit retailers and our communities. 

As the FMI Food Protection Committee (FPC) looked at initiatives for 2019, public health and preventing additional outbreaks was at the top of the list.

Last month, the FPC met in Miami to finalize this year’s food safety initiatives.  These results are based upon a survey sent prior to the January FPC meeting asking for initiative topics. Responses were grouped and finalized at the committee meeting.  This year’s initiatives are:

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