Grabango Launches Cashierless Checkout in a Giant Eagle Supermarket in Pittsburgh

Grabango, a cashierless technology startup founded by Pandora’s Will Glaser, today announced the launch of a “no-line” payment experience at a Giant Eagle supermarket in Pittsburgh. The GetGo store in Fox Chapel will be the first to launch with Grabango when it comes online starting Tuesday, and the companies say it will be able to process up to millions of transactions at once.

Platforms like Amazon Go piqued public interest in contactless brick-and-mortar payments, but the pandemic is accelerating adoption as retailers scramble to deliver touchless experiences. Earlier this month, rival Standard Cognition inked a deal with Circle K on a cashless convenience store in Phoenix, Arizona. And facial recognition terminals like PopID, which don’t require physically touching buttons, are gaining traction among businesses looking to eliminate spread vectors.

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