Grupo Palacios, World’s Leading Producer of Spanish Omelets, Partners With Hen-Less Egg Pioneer EVERY Co. for a New Twist on a Classic Dish

Grupo Palacios, the world’s number one producer of string chorizo and Spanish omelet, announces plan to incorporate EVERY’s hen-less liquid egg into Spanish omelet.

MADRID & DALY CITY, Calif. — Grupo Empresarial Palacios Alimentación (“Palacios”) – the world’s largest producer of string chorizo and Spanish omelets and Spain’s leading producer of frozen desserts – announced they have formalized a commercial agreement with The EVERY Company (“EVERY”), a trailblazer in crafting highly functional ingredients without the use of animals. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the food industry as Palacios will incorporate EVERY Egg™, the world’s first chicken egg created without hens, into its flagship Spanish omelets and into the research and development of new products.

EVERY Egg made its prestigious debut at the 3-Michelin-Star restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, where its exceptional quality and versatility were showcased across a variety of dishes. From the delicate textures of a French omelet and the rich depths of a crème brûlée to the intricate layers of a chawanmushi and the innovative twist in a foaming cocktail, EVERY Egg has proven its culinary prowess, mirroring the traditional hen egg in both taste and functionality.

Palacios — which began as a local butcher shop in Albelda de Iregua, La Rioja, Spain before transforming itself into the world’s leading producer of Spanish omelets — has been on the forefront of integrating breakthrough innovations into traditional recipes. Palacios has a firm commitment to innovation, and proof of this is the start of this joint collaboration: quality, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. “We were genuinely amazed by the delicious taste and culinary versatility of EVERY Egg,” the Company says. “Its ability to seamlessly blend into a wide range of dishes while maintaining the authentic taste and texture of a high-quality hen egg is remarkable.”

With EVERY Egg, food companies finally have access to a guaranteed safe, reliable and humane egg source.

The partnership between EVERY and Palacios is a pioneering alliance that promises to revolutionize the food industry, bringing better ingredients to traditional dishes and introducing new culinary experiences for chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.


Grupo Palacios originated in the 1960s, when Jaime Palacios and his wife Dolores continued the family business of a butcher shop in Albelda de Iregua, La Rioja. The big leap for the company began in 1983, with the inauguration of its sausage factory in Albelda de Iregua. Since 1999, the company implemented a diversification strategy by introducing other value-added food products, including fresh tortillas, refrigerated pizzas, and frozen pastries, in addition to a complete range of 100% Plant Based products. Palacios has generated a turnover of more than 380 million euros in 2023, has 11 production plants in Spain, 1 in the United Kingdom and another in the United States, and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries. In addition, Palacios has consolidated its position as the world’s leading company in the manufacture and marketing of chorizo sarta and refrigerated potato tortillas, with a workforce of more than 1,000 employees. The company constantly seeks innovative ways to reduce its environmental impact and promote responsible practices throughout its value chain.


The EVERY Company is a leader in the food technology space and is the first company in the world to commercialize highly functional egg proteins produced without chickens. Based in Daly City, CA, United States, EVERY® has enhanced numerous commercial categories with its game-changing proteins, including pressed juice, baked goods and beverage alcohol, with more to come. With investors including AB InBev, the world’s largest fermentation company, and Anne Hathaway, EVERY has been recognized as one of the 50 Hottest Tech Companies in the World by Crunchbase, and among the 50 NEXT companies to Disrupt the World.