GSF Foundation Awards $170,000 In Grants to Local Food Banks Through “Focus On Food” Initiative In May

IRVINE, Calif., – GSF Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need in the areas where Golden State Foods (GSF) associates live and work, engaged in the “Focus on Food” initiative in May to support local food banks in their efforts to alleviate hunger for children and families struggling with food insecurity. 19 local Foundation committees made a grant to eligible 501(c)(3) food banks through an expedited process with matching national GSF Foundation donations up to $5,000 per local food bank grant. This year’s total of $170,000 in grants to food banks will provide the equivalent of 734,000 meals for children and families all around the United States.

For kids who count on their school cafeteria for regular meals, summertime can bring heightened hunger and anxiety into their lives. Instead of having fun in the sun and taking an enjoyable break from the school year, many families struggle with tough trade-offs between food and other necessities in the challenging summer months. Community food banks provide a lifeline for food-insecure families with nowhere else to turn.

“Our local GSFF committees around the U.S. have come together to make a focused impact on food insecurity in the communities where our associates live and work,” said Vanessa Hugon, Programs and Development Manager, GSF Foundation. “From grant-making matches to volunteering with food banks, associates teamed up to help end hunger as part of our Foundation’s core programming.”

This year’s 19 participating GSFF Committees include: GSF Burleson, GSF City of Industry Manufacturing, GSF Irvine, GSF Opelika, KanPak Kansas, KanPak New York, QCD Albuquerque, QCD Charlotte, QCD Fontana, QCD Frisco, QCD Las Vegas, QCD Los Angeles, QCD Miami, QCD Orlando, QCD Portland, QCD San Antonio, QCD Seattle, QCD Suffolk, and QCD Waipahu.

A leading supplier to the foodservice industry for 75 years, GSF today feeds more than one billion people worldwide every day. Associates across GSF’s food manufacturing and distribution businesses have a deep connection to fighting hunger. Since 2002 when the GSF Foundation formed 20 years ago, associates have donated millions of meals to vulnerable community members and volunteered their time shelving donations in food pantries, gleaning produce from fields, and distributing groceries to neighbors in need.

About GSF Foundation

The GSF Foundation is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need in the areas where Golden State Foods (GSF) associates live and work. Established in 2002, the Foundation is a natural extension of Golden State Foods’ values-based business. Funded and run by GSF associate volunteers and supported by its business partners, community partners and customers, the Foundation operates under the direction of an executive board, which includes national representation from local GSF volunteers. Uniting their hearts and hands for good, as much as 80% of GSF associates actively support the Foundation through personal involvement and contributions in 28 local committees across the United States. 

About Golden State Foods
Golden State Foods (GSF), one of the largest diversified suppliers to the foodservice and retail industries, feeds 1 billion people every day! Headquartered in Irvine, California, the multi-national company is values-based with proven performance in superior quality, innovation, and customer service. Established in 1947, GSF and its family of companies currently service 100+ leading brands (125,000+ restaurants/stores in more than 50 countries) from its 50+ locations on five continents. Its core businesses include: manufacturing of liquid products, protein, produce, dairy/aseptic, and provides custom distribution services. The company employs approximately 6,000 associates and is 100 percent management-owned and run. Golden State Foods also operates a national non-profit organization, the GSF Foundation.