Harris Teeter, Charlotte, N.C., Partner On Recycling Program

Sometimes the small steps matter. This is one of those times.

On Thursday, Charlotte Center City Partners and a bunch of other folks announced that at long last, along uptown sidewalks you'll be able to recycle papers, drink bottles and cans. This obviously is not a world-shattering development. But as Charlotte has tried in recent years to position itself as a city with an environmental conscience and a green-energy leader, seemingly minor signals can be important.

After all, how "green" of an image does a city project when you can't find any public places uptown where you can recycle anything in a plastic or glass bottle or aluminum can? (Residential recycling exists uptown, of course, and many businesses recycle. This is about public areas.)

And since it's now against state law to send a plastic drink bottle or an aluminum can to a landfill, that means tossing them into a trashcan is forcing someone to become a lawbreaker.

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