Lancer Worldwide Continues Foray Into Next Generation Beverage Dispensing with Launch of Accessory Line Designed to Focus on Customer Health & Safety

SAN ANTONIO — Lancer Worldwide, the next generation beverage dispensing experience, today announced the launch of an accessory line, The L-Guard System™, developed to ensure hygienic protection throughout the beverage dispensing experience; the first product in the series is a Valve Guard designed to protect the valve, lever, and dispensed beverages from contamination throughout frequent daily use. Lancer started taking orders May 18, 2020.

Societal shifts have become seismic shifts in the emerging aftermath of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As companies and businesses look to adapt to the new normal, emerging technologies are at the forefront. The health and welfare of consumers are the main focus as restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry look to new ways to promote client safety. Lancer Worldwide has developed the L-Guard System. This accessory line ensures hygienic protection throughout the beverage dispensing experience. Through innovative design that fits easily into existing and future Lancer Worldwide systems, customers will feel protected from germs and environmental contaminants so that their basic need for protection is fulfilled and ensures peace of mind for a confident beverage dispensing experience.

“With the launch of the L-Guard System, Lancer Worldwide is positioned to provide our customers with a confident and safe beverage dispensing solution,” said EJ Morrow, Global President. “Lancer Worldwide is known for innovation and the L-Guard System’s Valve Guard is the answer the market is demanding for beverage dispensing.”

The new Valve Guard retrofits easily with existing Lancer Worldwide machines. It is a quick and simple install and requires no tools to set up. The guard comes with a heat bent plastic sheet and rests on a table. The guard slips around the outside of the dispenser housing and attaches to a foam adhesive backed tab. The Valve Guard can be removed easily for cleaning and meets NSF standards.

Lancer Worldwide continues to proactively challenge and innovate by focusing on quality and innovation. The company’s emphasis is on creating products that give their customers a distinct advantage in the marketplace. In the forthcoming Post-Pandemic world, that advantage will center on the continuing health and safety of food and beverage enterprises and their consumers.

The Valve Guard is expected to start shipping on June 1, 2020.  For more information, please visit   

About Lancer Worldwide
Lancer Worldwide is the leader in next-generation beverage dispensing, established in 1967 in San Antonio, Texas. Lancer Worldwide leads in innovation and is committed to delivering a beverage dispensing experience that exceeds customer expectations. Through quality and a passion for innovation, Lancer Worldwide creates products that generate profit for its customers worldwide, and give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Lancer Corporation is a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Corporation, one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment. Lancer Worldwide maintains sales and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.