Long Island Pizzeria Serves First Meltable Vegan Cheese in the Area

NEW YORK, NY – Long Island’s East End finally has a Vegan Pizza option for residents and visitors this summer! Local pizzeria, La Capannina located in Wainscott, NY, is offering the first allergen-friendly, plant-based mozzarella alternative that melts and tastes like the real thing, for their customers.  Beginning this Friday, May 27, customers who love pizza but had to give it up due to dietary restrictions, can now rejoice as Pleese® Cheese is now available locally.      

Founded by longtime New Yorkers and vegans Kobi and Abev Regev in 2017, Pleese® was created to satisfy the desire for a meltable dairy-free cheese that would withstand the scrutiny of the pickiest eaters of all: pizza-loving New Yorkers. Made from a proprietary blend of bean and potato proteins, Pleese® Cheese products are nut-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free and gluten-free and are crafted in an allergen free environment. 

“My family & I have been going to the Hamptons since I was little and La Capannina’s was always a staple of our trips out East,” says Regev. “It’s been family tradition to enjoy really good pizza on our visits, and when I stopped eating cheese, the one thing I missed the most was a good slice. I’d order my pizza without cheese!”

It’s a full circle moment for Kobi to now have Pleese available at his favorite pizzeria and Diego, owner of La Capannina, agrees. As soon as the product became commercial, he got excited and wanted to partner. What better time to launch than on Memorial Day weekend to kick off summer season?!

“I’m so happy that other vegans or folks with allergies or dietary restrictions can now enjoy a good slice when they make their trips to the Hamptons.”

For customers who might not be able to make it to the pizzeria, Kobi and Abev are offering for a limited time only, anonline sale that’s open to the public. A specialty item that’s usually exclusive to restaurants, pizzerias, and other businesses, Pleese Cheese will now be available for universal purchasing for the first time in the company’s five-year history. For every case of Pleese® sold, a tree is planted by the National Forest Foundation.  For sale details and to purchase, please visit https://www.pleesefoods.com/buy.


Pleese® Foods is helping people transition from traditional dairy with Pleese®, a plant-based cheese made from a unique blend of beans. Pleese® offers boldly delicious, culinary-inspired flavors that deliver mouthwatering experiences in sandwiches, topped on plant-based burgers, grilled with paninis and of course melted on pizza. Discover more at pleesefoods.com