Middleby Launches Out-of-the-Box Ghost Kitchen Solutions

In what’s a first for the manufacturing side of foodservice, Middleby is bringing its restaurant equipment expertise to the world of ghost kitchens. Through L2F, which is owned by Middleby, the company has launched a line of out-of-the-box ghost kitchen solutions that provides restaurants everything they need to fulfill consumer demand for off-premises food orders, from concept to equipment.

Demand for those orders is growing. The National Restaurant Association predicts that off-premises ordering — delivery, drive-thru, and takeout — will drive the bulk of restaurant sales over the next decade.  In response, restaurants are turning to ghost kitchens.

But since no two restaurants are exactly the same, it follows that different businesses have different needs and approaches when it comes to ghost kitchens. Some are working with the likes of Kitchen United and other commissary kitchens for offsite space. Others need less infrastructure and are simply revamping their own kitchens to accommodate the new business. Still others want a more mobile solution that can move from place to place to fulfill customer demand.

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