New Giant Eagle Market District Store Is A Foodie Fun Park

Got roller skates? Toss them in the trunk when you head west to check out the new Market District Supermarket. Billed as the largest food store in Western Pennsylvania, its the jewel in Giant Eagles crown of 220 supermarkets. The grand opening celebrations kick off tomorrow in the new Settlers Ridge shopping center in Robinson.

The PG wangled a sneak peek last week.

The supermarket is laid out in an efficient rectangle. Savvy architects, or possibly frustrated shoppers, designed the store with many points of entry. Shoppers can enter the area in which they choose to shop without having to plow through the whole store. And if you dont like lines, no worries, because there are 31 cash registers.

The produce department is housed in what the honchos are calling a Great Hall, though its really an exposed-strut, high-ceiling area, not to be confused with the opulence of Harrods in London. With tons of domestic, specialty and locally grown fruits and vegetables, many of which are organic, this area is the centerpiece. It features a hydroponic garden, currently growing 80 heads of butter lettuce. Want one? The aqua farmer of the day will pick and pack it for you.

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