NGA Statement on Supreme Court’s Decision in FMI v. Argus Leader Media

Arlington, VA– National Grocers Association (NGA) President and CEO Peter Larkin offered the following statement today on the Supreme Court’s decision in Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media.

“NGA welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision that will protect store-level SNAP sales data from public disclosure. NGA has maintained that a retailer’s SNAP store data should remain private because its release would harm competition in the food retail industry. Knowing that their confidential business information will remain protected by the government, independent supermarkets will continue to be strong partners in the SNAP food delivery system, serving the millions of American families who rely on domestic food assistance.”

NGA participated in the litigation since the lawsuit was originally filed against USDA in 2011 at the District Court level. NGA’s CEO and President Peter Larkin testified as an expert witness at trial, and NGA filed amici briefs at each stage in the appeals process.