NY Supreme Court Rejects Foie Gras Ban

The New York Supreme Court has ruled that New York City’s attempt to ban the sale of foie gras in the city violates state agricultural laws meant to protect farmers.

The decision resolves—at least for now—a dispute between New York State duck farmers and New York City, which passed a law in 2019 forbidding the sale of foie gras in stores and restaurants. Animal rights activists had pushed for the ban, claiming that producing the delicacy involves animal cruelty. In order to make foie gras, farmers force-feed ducks to enlarge their livers.

New York City’s law prohibiting the sale of foie gras, Local Law 202, was scheduled to take effect in 2022, but La Belle Farms and Hudson Valley Foie Gras, two foie gras farms based in Sullivan County, New York, sued to challenge New York City’s ban. The New York Supreme Court at that time issued an injunction against enforcing the ban, and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets said the ban violated state agricultural law.

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