NYC Startup Is Reinventing The Wholesale Food Supply Chain

The supply chain to get food from producer to table is a long, complex one.  One of the most critical participants in the chain is the wholesaler.  The process of taking orders, managing stock, and purchasing supplies is reliant on tools that were developed 30 years ago. Sweet has built a platform to manage the entire wholesale food supply chain complete with inventory management. The company’s software seamlessly integrates all inventory information through one system saving repetitive tasks, phone calls and other needless, time consuming tasks.

AlleyWatch chatted with CEO Ed Chang about the company and where the company is headed.

Tell us about the product or service.

The wholesale food supply chain is largely built on technology from the early 2000’s. Windows XP-like applications, paper invoices, tons of phone calls to confirm orders, and orders / inventory numbers jotted down haphazardly onto notepads.

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