Oklahoma-Based Company Launches First Comprehensive IoT Solution Designed For Food Safety

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Digital Six Laboratories Inc. (D6 Labs), an Oklahoma based corporation, today announces the general release of its FoodSafe.io™ technology, the world’s first comprehensive IoT solution designed specifically for restaurant food safety.

FoodSafe.io™ is a technology that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of food safety practices for restaurants, especially quick-serve restaurants. The technology has been in development and field testing for the past year and is now poised to give restaurant owners the ability to significantly increase food safety in their restaurants. FoodSafe.io™ incorporates handwashing monitoring, safety inspection guidance and monitoring, and cold-storage monitoring to give owners a complete and continuous view into the state of their food safety without distracting them from other necessary tasks.

“FoodSafe.io™ is an exciting technology that solves a serious problem facing society today: food safety,” says Steve Montgomery, CEO of D6 Labs.   “Using our proprietary long range, long battery life, wireless technology, we are able to automate monitoring of handwashing compliance, food refrigeration, and cooked food temperatures.”

Key benefits of FoodSafe.io™ include the ability for restaurant owners or managers to receive alerts when something is amiss, a significant reduction in safety log falsifications (also known in the industry as “dry-labbing,” “pencil whipping,” or “punching in the numbers”), and acute visibility into handwashing compliance. An additional benefit is the ability to monitor equipment for impending failure or maintenance related issues, allowing managers to address problems before they become critical or expensive failures.

“We installed FoodSafe.io™ several months ago and I now keep track of all food safety aspects for my restaurants right from my cell phone—I use it multiple times a day” says Mike Sawyer, Chief Operating Officer of KTAK Corp, a McDonald’s owner/operator in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Our organization is committed to the highest standards in compliance with food safety policies and best practices and FoodSafe.io™ makes maintaining that standard easier and far more efficient.”

FoodSafe.io™ includes wireless temperature sensors, called Whisker.Blocks™, that measure air and food temperature, reporting values every 5 minutes; an intelligent software agent that monitors these sensors 24/7, generating alerts any time a problem is observed; smart hand soap dispensers that measure the usage of hand soap, reporting such counts every 5 minutes; a FoodSafe.io™ application running on a tablet that keeps track of all required food safety checks that produces a daily compliance report; and an executive dashboard for viewing multiple locations and drilling down into sensor details.

FoodSafe.io™ is sold on a subscription basis and is available now. D6 Engineers can customize solutions for any business.  For more information about FoodSafe.io™ visit www.d6labs.com/foodsafe.

About Digital Six Laboratories

Digital Six Labs (D6 Labs) is a fast-growing supplier of state-of-the-art wireless IoT solutions and components for consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. We design and build our products at our factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and are proud to say our products are American Made. In addition to our standard line of Whisker.io™ related products, we offer consulting, custom design, and turn-key design and production of custom products.

Source: Digital Six Laboratories