ProAmpac Debuts KerbSafe Tamper-Evident Home Delivery Bags

CINCINNATI–ProAmpac, the flexible packaging leader, announced its newest retail and food service packaging product, KerbSafe, a recyclable, polyethylene bag designed for the delivery of food and specialty retail products.

“Due to a global pandemic, ProAmpac’s retail and restaurant customers have quickly pivoted to online ordering and social distancing by increasing the availability of home delivery and kerb-side pick-up. Our KerbSafe bag allows for tamper-evident packaging ensuring food and products are more secure and consumers feel safer,” states Michelle Grant, UK Sales Director for ProAmpac.

KerbSafe bags offer a tamper-evident tape seal that protects the product inside. If the bag is opened, the seal cannot be reclosed. A perforation below the tamper-evident tape allows for easy opening. In addition, vent holes are included at the top of the bag to allow steam from hot food to escape. KerbSafe bags are available in either clear or white film, with customizable printing, to support branding.

As the newest member of ProAmpac’s ProActive Sustainability® product line, KerbSafe bags can contain various percentages of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content based on customer requirements. All KerbSafe bags are recycle ready for polyethylene film collection streams.

“At ProAmpac Collaborative Innovation allows us to identify market gaps and fill them with innovative package design,” continued Grant. “We continue to partner with our customers and respond to market needs in real-time.”

To learn more about ProAmpac’s home delivery and sustainable packaging options visit or contact Brent Wise ( in the US where the product is introduced under the name CurbSafe, or Michelle Grant ( in the UK.

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