Restaurants Maximize Capacity and Profits This Summer with aerMist

PLANO, Texas — Summer is a season for the restaurant industry to thrive, due to an increase in tourism and a desire by diners to spend more time eating outside. Restaurateurs can now maximize profits and dining capacity on outdoor patios by keeping diners cool on warm summer days with aerMist, a new high-pressure misting system that can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

aerMist aims to improve the customer dining experience by leaving diner’s cool without soaking clothes or furniture. The recently launched misting system uses a uniquely designed high-pressure mechanism that cools off spaces via a controllable amount of fine mist that evaporates. The mist also serves as a chemical-free method to keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay so diners can enjoy their food and experience without pesky distractions.

As the food service industry faces staffing shortages, running aerMist is not a burdensome task for restaurant employees. The misters are easy to use even at peak service times, thanks to the user-friendly app that is compatible with any tablet or smartphone. The app also allows for advanced programming to ensure aerMist runs during the warmest hours to keep diners cool and comfortable. Staff can even adjust the misters in sections of a restaurant to accommodate the different needs of diners.

In addition, aerMist’s minimalist design makes the misting system easy to install and tailored to fit any area without detracting from the décor or ambient lighting of a space.

“Experience is everything for diners and that includes creating a cool environment outdoors to enjoy a good meal, even on the hottest summer day,” says Boris Medic, co-founder of aerMist. “We created aerMist as an affordable solution for restaurateurs to attract diners.”

aerMist was created with high-quality, long-lasting materials that help maximize the return on investment for a dining establishment. The misting system can save restaurant owners additional dollars by controlling how much mist is dispensed, which can reduce water usage and overhead costs.

aerMist high-pressure misting systems can be purchased directly through the company’s website,

About aerMist
aerMist is the first high-pressure cooling system for homes and restaurants that offers user-friendly technology to lower the temperature of outdoor spaces up to 20 degrees. The company was founded in 2021 by Boris and Jelena Medic and is based in Plano, Texas. The misting systems provide the best cooling at the lowest cost. In addition, aerMist systems are eco-friendly, minimizing water use with a sleek design that maximizes space. To learn more about aerMist, visit