Ron Stakland of FoodChain ID to Speak at Food Safety Americas

FAIRFIELD, Iowa – Ron Stakland, global product manager, FoodChain ID, one of the world’s leading food safety, testing and sustainability organizations, will chair a panel discussion at the upcoming Food Safety Americas event [BRC] titled “Supply Chain Risk Analysis: Ensuring FSMA Compliance and Minimizing Risk in the Supply Chain.”

Held in San Diego, CA, May 21-22, BRC focuses on food safety and this session highlights traceability within the supply chain, bringing together retailers and manufacturers to discuss best practices for identifying and assessing risk in the supply chain. 

The discussion will encompass the drivers for implementing a risk assessment strategy; FSMA requirements for risk assessment and hazard analysis; hazards currently affecting different food categories; the importance of ingredient assessments, and identifying food fraud and adulteration.

Stakland notes that, “Globalization has made supply chains more complex and challenging than ever. It’s common for food companies to have hundreds, even thousands of vendors in their supply chains, yet under FSMA rules, they’ll be held responsible for enforcing best practices throughout these complex supplier networks.”

Stakland will be joined by panelists Rebecca Ferrer, manager, Food Safety Center of Excellence, global food safety, PepsiCo; Angie Echols, corporate QA programs manager, Bay State Milling, and Gary Smith, vice president of quality and food safety systems, Treehouse Foods.

As for FoodChain ID, Stakland is global product manager and subject matter expert for Foodchain ID’s HorizonScan™, a web-based software service developed by Fera Sciences, Ltd. that tracks food safety alerts affecting nearly 600 food commodities from more than 180 countries. HorizonScan is the most comprehensive database of its kind and is used by food companies to identify and assess potential food safety hazards in their supply chains, research the food safety history of over 20,000 suppliers and comply with FSMA and GFSI standards. He will also be speaking at the Food Safety Summit in Rosemont, Illinois in May.

About FoodChain ID

FoodChain ID provides integrated food safety, quality and sustainability solutions that address the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving food industry. Serving more than 30,000 clients in over 100 countries with a market-leading portfolio of testing and laboratory services, inspection, certification and sustainability programs, FoodChain ID helps companies navigate an increasingly regulated global food economy that demand higher levels of transparency, accountability, safety and sustainability.