Sandwich Platforms For K-12 Sandwiches

Average Sandwich is on Menu 3.4  Times Per Month

All school districts (100%) list one or more sandwich varieties and types on the K-12 menu. FlavorTrak® monitors sandwich components and sandwich bread types on the menus of the Top 100 US school districts. For food manufacturers, menu listing frequency is as important as menu item incidence. On average, specific sandwiches are listed on school menus 3.4 times per month. This average (3.4), however, is skewed by PBJ Sandwiches, which are listed on the menu an average of 10.1 times per month (see table).

84% of School Sandwiches Specify Bread Type

On the school menu, more than eight of ten sandwiches specify a bread type. Tortillas and biscuits are the leading sandwich breads. In the 16% of sandwiches where a bread is not specified, it is hypothesized that bread type is somehow understood to be either a bun or a roll. 

Top 10 Sandwiches for Breakfast and Lunch

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