Saval Foodservice Owner: the Country Can’t Reopen Without a Strong Food Service Industry

As the owner of a food service distribution company that serves the mid-Atlantic region, we supported government-mandated closures of dine-in restaurants, schools and large public venues, even though we knew these closures would bring economic devastation to our company and the customers we serve. I firmly believe we are in this together.

The food service distribution industry is the backbone of the American economy. We feed America, distributing 8.7 billion cases of food and food-related products annually and employing more than 350,000 people. As a part of our nation’s critical infrastructure, our employees are considered essential, serving on the front lines of this crisis, delivering food and supplies to restaurants, hospitals, health care facilities, food banks, convenience stores and military bases. While we greatly appreciate the public acknowledgment from the nation’s leadership, we need swift action and a concrete plan from our leaders to ensure the food service distribution industry and our customers survive.

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