Shatto Home Delivery Helping Local Businesses and Customers this Holiday Season

Osborn, Mo. – Shatto Home Delivery was started on the premise of getting top quality local products to local customers.  This premise could not be more important than now with so many small local makers suffering due to the covid restrictions.  Shatto Home Delivery delivers nearly 1000 local (from the Kansas City Metro) products direct to door steps all over the metro weekly.  These products range from bread, milk and eggs to coffee, pizza, meat and more. 

This time of year Shatto Home Delivery has also added the items that would make a Thanksgiving Meal easy to come by and available on ones doorstep.  Whether a smoked turkey or spiral sliced ham from Paradise Meats, Mashed Potatoes or other sides from Shatto Kitchen, premium chocolates from Andre’s and Christopher Elbow or drinks from many local companies such as Louisburg Cider, Shatto Milk Company, Lost Trail, and more, they have you covered this holiday season. 

Shatto’s Milkmen will be running non-stop this holiday season working to ensure all of their customers are well taken care of.  Shatto Home Delivery is currently looking to hire a few more milkmen as well as a few more wonderful additions for their warehouse. 

“This is historically a wonderful time of year with the focus on family and friends.  While this holiday should be no different, our current global situation makes things a bit more difficult.”  Said Matt Shatto.  “We are so thankful that we can help get our local suppliers to their customers and do so in a way that keeps everyone safe during this pandemic.” 

Shatto Home Delivery serves the majority of the Kansas City metro area.  A list of products offered can be view at

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