Social Media Use Varies Among Quickservice Consumers

When it comes to restaurants, two new studies point to social media still having a somewhat limited impact on the overall consumer universe, but a very strong influence within specific, generally younger, segments.

One points to significant opportunities among early technology adopters, based on their use of social media and heavy QSR and fast-casual restaurant use.

The other, focused just on QSRs, finds that social media is not a major fast-food information source for most consumers, but is very important, particularly for promotions, among those who do use these media in relation to fast food.

In a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers, food/foodservice consultancy Technomic found that when it comes to using cutting-edge tech products and Web sites, 8% and 15% of respondents can be characterized, respectively, as "innovators" and "early adopters," based on the adoption curve model of Everett Rogers. (Innovators are the first to try innovations, while early adopters are opinion leaders who form the second wave of adopters.)

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