SpotSee Launches Do Not Refreeze Temperature-Monitoring Label for Food Safety

DALLAS– SpotSee®, a global leader in temperature, shock, tilt and vibration monitoring through low-cost, connected technologies, has released the Do Not Refreeze label, now part of its temperature-monitoring product line, to ensure food quality and safety throughout the supply chain and within commercial food environments.

“It’s critical that food is properly transported and stored throughout the farm-to-fork supply chain to maintain integrity,” said Reuben Isbitsky, temperature business director, SpotSee. “With the Do Not Refreeze label, food handlers are now able to identify if food products have been previously frozen and should not be refrozen in order to maintain the quality and safety of the product.”

Food manufacturers and service workers can place the label on a product’s packaging at the point of manufacture or before placing fresh food in a commercial freezer. Prior to freezing, the blue text on the label is light, indicating the product has not yet been frozen. When the temperature drops below minus 15 degrees Celsius, the label automatically and permanently displays “Do Not Refreeze” in dark blue. This color-changing feature enables quick identification for food handlers overseeing large quantities of temperature-sensitive products.

Knowing that food has been previously frozen is important, as quality and safety can be compromised if temperature-sensitive products are frozen, thawed and then refrozen. The Do Not Refreeze label will benefit those in food service, catering and food manufacturing, and allow them to stay accountable and knowledgeable of the food’s environment.

The label includes a chart for users to track the date and time a product was frozen, pulled from the freezer and when it should be used by. The Do Not Refreeze label is single-use and has been approved for indirect food contact.

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