The Beef Burger: How to Describe This Menu Staple

“Tasty, delicious, and has me craving more on the first bite.” to “Juicy, mouthwatering, tasty, and everything you’d ever want to savor.”

There are many kinds of crave worthy foods. From foods that are sweet and salty to savory, there is one crave-able item that sure gets consumers talking. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, recently conducted research on consumer preferences for burgers when dining out. Consumers’ own words highlight just how enticing burgers are for them.

Many consumers enjoy a beef burger whenever they get a chance, and many of us have our go-to places for one. However, the results show that quick-service establishments aren’t the only places consumers go for a burger. In fact, many also choose casual or even fine-dining establishments to enjoy a burger. 

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