This is the Fastest-Growing Grocery Store Chain in America

If three people from three different parts of the U.S. were pressed to quickly name three grocery store chains, their answers would probably be wildly different. A Californian might shout out “Ralph’s, Vons, and Food 4 Less,” a New Yorker might say “Stop&Shop, King Kullen, and Wegmans,” while a Virginian might go with “Safeway, Giant, and Food Lion.”

In the years to come, however, it’s likely that there will be one supermarket that all three people have in common: Aldi. It’s the fastest-growing grocery chain in the U.S. right now, according to Progressive Grocer, and it will be pressing into new locations throughout the country in the coming months.

Founded in Germany nearly 75 years ago, Aldi opened its first store in America in 1976, reports the Des Moines Register. Though the company seemed to remain a minor player in the American market, behind the scenes, it was already expanding in America through its 1979 acquisition of Trader Joe’s. (Related: 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.)

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