Transparency & Social Alignment: Two Top Trends In Fresh That Are Paying Off

As I walk around the perimeter of the grocery store today, two big trends are paying off. One is transparency—the shopper’s desire to know more about where their food comes from and how it was made. The second is social and cultural alignment, or a company’s ability to grow sales by integrating consumer motivations and values that impact sales. These are two of the Top Trends in Fresh identified in our research conducted with IRI that are reshaping the shopper’s fresh food experience.

The Fresh Foods Shopper and Transparency

Two in three fresh food shoppers report that health & wellness/transparency has become a more motivating factor when they shop than in the past. Today’s fresh food shopper expects clarity, accuracy and usefulness of food-related information from producers and retailers. Nearly half of the fresh shoppers define healthy food by the “absence of the bad stuff.” For these shoppers, the focus on organic remains important and a key factor in selecting products.

When it comes to transparency, the order of factors that are important to fresh food shoppers are:

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