UniPro Announces New Strategic Partnerships Among Members and Corporate Actions

Atlanta, GA – UniPro Foodservice, Inc., the national foodservice distributor cooperative headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, announces several new partnerships.

In response to the COVID-19 virus and the direct strain the pandemic has had on the food supply including restaurants, foodservice distributors and retailers, UniPro Foodservice has been proactively working with their diversified base of 400 distributor Members.

UniPro has partnered with its cooperative broadliners, retailers, cash & carry, club store and military distributors to help forge local strategic alignments to share resources. This includes Members such as Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), Associated Foods Stores (AFS), URM, Smart & Final, McLane, DPI Specialty Foods, Coastal Pacific Food Distributor, Restaurant Depot, and a myriad of their Pro-C convenience distributor Members. UniPro is also aligning with national retailers outside their cooperative, such as UNFI, KeHe, Spartan Nash and others.

Notes Bob Stewart, UniPro CEO, “We are uniquely positioned to react to this unprecedented situation. Most Members are independently-owned, allowing for greater flexibility in making decisions quickly. Additionally, our Membership is comprised of multiple segments including broadline, convenience and retail distributors. This allows us to draw upon the strengths and expertise of the Membership, to ensure we are meeting the changing needs of our customers, and providing the foundation to survive and thrive as the future unfolds.”

As an additional resource to assist its Members, UniPro has created an eXchange platform to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information, posting of specific needs, best practices, inventory-related needs, finding resources and networking. UniPro is working with key Suppliers to develop ideas and products that enable Operators to create Curbside/Grab & Go programs to support an ever-changing consumer.

UniPro Foodservice, Inc. is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States, with more than 400 Distributor Members operating from more than 800 locations. UniPro’s Member Distributors service Operators across the nation in all segments of the industry.