UniPro Foodservice Adds Another New Member – United Food Service

Atlanta, GA – UniPro Foodservice, Inc., the national foodservice distributor cooperative headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to announce United Food Service in El Paso, Texas has joined the cooperative effective November 1, 2022.

United Food Service provides high-quality and full-service distribution services of meats, dairy products, baking goods, paper goods, canned goods as well as fresh produce. United is a full broadline company that delivers to locally owned restaurants in the El Paso and Las Cruces area. They specialize in bringing excellent customer service with high-quality products for all of their customers.

“We continue to pursue our objective of facilitating profitable growth for our Distributor Members, Suppliers, and Operator customers. Adding United Food Service to our roster of Members will serve to strengthen our distribution network and help to meet this goal,” said Bob Stewart, UniPro Foodservice CEO.

Website: www.unitedfoodservices.com

About UniPro Foodservice:

Headquartered in Atlanta, UniPro Foodservice is the nation’s largest foodservice distribution cooperative. With more than 400 Members, we provide nationwide access to exclusive programs and opportunities with the country’s premier Suppliers and service providers to every segment of the industry.