US Foods Fall Scoop Helps Restaurant Operators Stay On Point With Evolving Off-Premise Trends

ROSEMONT, Ill.–US Foods Holding Corp. (NYSE: USFD) announced today the launch of Fall Scoop 2020, titled “On Point With Off-Premise – Designed To Make It.” This special edition of Scoop features 14 products designed to address trends within off-premise dining such as labor-saving products perfect for DIY meal kits and products that will help ease diner safety and hygiene worries, including tamper-evident packaging and sanitation items.

“The restaurant environment has changed immensely with the surge in off-premise dining, and the ability for restaurant operators to adapt with creativity, labor savings and safety in mind is more important than ever,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president, product development and innovation, US Foods. “With Fall Scoop, we’ve designed a targeted lineup of products to help restaurant operators turn obstacles into opportunities and convert these latest trends into profits.”

DIY Meal Kits Made Easy

With more than 60% of diners interested in ordering a take-home DIY meal kit from restaurants1, the Fall Scoop lineup provides a variety of preportioned, prepackaged ingredients ideal for creative takeout options in the form of DIY meal kits and offers operators labor savings, versatility and waste-reduction benefits.

  • Chef’s Line® Portioned Cilantro Lime Riced Cauliflower: Preportioned in an 8-ounce microwavable bag, this on-trend riced cauliflower is cut to emulate the shape and texture of rice. It’s the ideal ingredient base for a DIY buildable bowl, taco or burrito meal-kit recipe. It’s mixed with extra virgin olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, black pepper and sea salt, and offers a simple ingredient profile, which means the product also meets the US Foods Unpronounceables List* initiative.
  • Patuxent Farms® All Natural** Sliced Fire Grilled Chicken Breast: Preportioned in an 8-ounce bag, this whole-muscle chicken breast is fully cooked and fire-grilled for premium flavor and meets the requirements for the US Foods’ Unpronounceables List* initiative. Presliced, the chicken is great for any number of applications – including fajitas, salads and an array of take-home DIY meal-kit recipes.
  • Monarch® Portioned Fire Roasted Corn and Poblano Pepper Blend With Onions: Preportioned in an 8-ounce bag, this is the perfect blend of supersweet corn, poblano peppers and onions, charred for a smoky-sweet fire-roasted flavor. This product is highly versatile as a side or DIY nacho, taco or burrito meal kit to go.
  • Chef’s Line® Gluten-Free Italian Pizza Crust: Produced in Italy, this certified gluten-free pizza crust is the perfect DIY meal-kit starter for take-home pizza nights. It is an approximately 10-1/2” thin crust made with buckwheat flour, potato starch, rice flour and Italian olive oil. It is versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications, including classic and dessert pizzas, strips for appetizers and chocolate fondue.

Tamper-Free Takeout and Delivery

With 85% of consumers saying they would like restaurants to use tamper-evident labels,2 US Foods’ tamper-free takeout solutions will help assure diners that their food is untouched while in transit.

  • Monogram® Tamper Evident Bag: Virtually impossible to open without creating an obvious seal break, this product is a useful all-in-one to-go solution. Its size and wide opening can accommodate most dishes. It is also easy to carry and open by the diner.
  • Monogram® Tamper Evident Container: This recyclable, easy-to-close container has a tight perimeter seal. It is immediately obvious when the container has been opened, which helps to assure diners that their orders are safe and secure. The containers come in 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes.
  • Monogram® Tamper Evident Labels: Designed to stick well to nearly any container surface, hot or cold, the label provides a secure seal that causes tearing upon opening. The 2” X 4” label backs up the promise to diners that is scripted on the label design: “Sealed For Your Safety.”

Sanitizing and Cleaning Solutions for Safety and Security

As 76% of consumers report that a restaurant’s cleanliness and food-safety procedures matter more now than they did before,1 Fall Scoop offers several products to help operators meet immediate and longer-term diner-safety standards.

  • Monogram® Individual Hand Sanitizer Gel: Designed for cleanliness and with the safety of diners in mind, this individual hand-sanitizer gel is clear, fragrance-free and contains 70% ethyl alcohol. It comes in single-use, portion-controlled pouches for easy distribution to diners eating in or taking out. Each pouch includes a barcode so that operators can also offer the product as an item to purchase.
  • Monogram® Medium Duty Scouring Pad: Diners are paying more attention to cleanliness as they catch a glimpse of cookware and amenities. Pristine and shiny pots, pans, sinks and other stainless-steel surfaces are the hallmark of an operator who puts cleanliness first. This unique, low-scratch dot technology pad is also dishwasher-friendly.

Learn more about Fall Scoop 2020 here.

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1Dataessential, in conjunction with US Foods.


* The Unpronounceables List™ initiative creates new US Foods Exclusive Brand products and reformulates others by avoiding, removing or replacing certain ingredients and food additives such as artificial flavors and artificial (FD&C) colors, hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup and MSG.

** No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.