Vegan Pizza Partnership Goes International

Allergy-friendly plant-based cheese, Pleese Foods, collabs with NXT LVL PZA’s secretly vegan menu

NEW YORK, NY – NY-based Vegan Cheese company has launched in the UK before California. Pleese® Cheese has been taking New York pizza to the next level with its delicious allergy friendly alternative and has expanded across seas in a recent partnership with UK-based NXT LVL PZA.

NXT LVL PZA is making pizza delivery tastier, faster, and cheaper all while secretly removing animals from the supply chain – and they’re using Pleese as their “cheese” of choice.  A plant-based cheese made from a proprietary blend of bean and potato proteins, Pleese® Cheese contains no nuts, no cholesterol, no soy, no gluten and no GMOs, and is crafted in an allergen free environment. Pizza lovers can easily transition to their favorite comfort foods made from plants without sacrificing flavor.

“We partnered with NXT LVL PZA because we believe in their mission to make the world a better place through pizza,” says Kobi Regev, Co-Founder and CEO of Pleese® cheese.

“They are pioneers in this ever-growing market and it’s an honor that they selected Pleese® to launch with on their signature pies and we’re thrilled to be part of this journey.”

NXT LVL’s unique branding is based around gaming culture, and it has been confirmed that NXT LVL is the first and only outlet in the UK at present to use Pleese Cheese. Both NXT LVL PZA and Pleese Foods are committed to creating a sustainable future.

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