Verlasso Salmon: Unraveling the Seafood Supply Chain

If you’re a chef, restaurant owner, or seafood buyer, half of your work involves offering your clients healthy, delicious food and educating them on the latest trends. On the flip side, what goes on behind the scenes in terms of sourcing has an even larger impact on what dishes your guests ultimately enjoy. Along with those bright, red organic tomatoes and free-range chickens, seeking out the highest quality sustainable seafood should be right at the top of your priority list.

Did you know that fish and seafood actually changes hands more times than any other food in the supply chain? On average, it gets moved nine times! This means that with every purchase, there is a significant chance that you are not getting the fish or seafood you thought you were ordering.  In fact, a study by Oceana several years ago suggested that at least one out of three times, buyers don’t receive the fish or seafood that was advertised. It is thus essential to share your expectations with your suppliers and producers.

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