Walmart is Setting a Smart Example For the Rest of the Grocery Industry to Follow

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Walmart WMT has been impressive. Walmart has waived April rent for its in-store tenants, it has speed rushed contactless payment systems into operation, installed plexiglass barriers to protect employees and customers, and this week also began metering traffic flow into its stores

Walmart, hands down, has set an example for others to follow. 

No doubt impacted by the recent death of two of its store employees in Chicago from coronavirus on March 25, 2020, Walmart has charted a discernible course to do what needs to be done. As impressive as all the announcements have been over the last few weeks, what’s more impressive is the ethos to Walmart’s total approach. While many of its competitors are caught up in the nether world trap of trying to balance the needs of their customers, their employees, and their shareholders, Walmart has thrown these historically important naming conventions aside and instead focused on the one bucket that matters more than any of them do individually — community. 

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