Washington’s Green Grocer Launches New “Weekly Salad” Meal Kits in Collaboration with Nora Shank Nutrition

LANHAM, Md. – Washington’s Green Grocer (WGG) has teamed up with DC-based Registered Dietitian, Nora Shank, to offer tips and recipes for eating healthier in 2021.

As part of this collaboration, WGG x NSN have created three new meal kits inspired by Nora’s Weekly Salad Method – a strategy where you make one tasty and nutritious salad that you can eat over several meals. Each salad combines plants, fiber-rich ingredients, and healthy fats to keep you full and boost your metabolism, energy, and health.

“Eating healthy is a priority with our customers so it was a natural fit to partner with a local dietitian,” says Shelby Mack, Director of Marketing at WGG. “Nora has been a longtime supporter of ours, both as a customer and on social media. I guess you could say the partnership came together ‘organically’.”

“Demand for meal kits has grown this past year as more people are cooking at home due to the pandemic, and our customers are definitely looking for meals that are healthy and easy to work into their busy schedules,” says Chef Mimi, who oversees WGG’s Meal Kit category.

Mrs. Shank and WGG’s Chef Mimi are available for cooking demonstrations to show viewers how to create a healthy salad that will stay fresh and delicious for days. This month’s featured salad is the Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Date, and Apple Salad with Balsamic Chicken.

For more information about all three WGG x NSN Meal Kits, go HERE

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