Women’s Foodservice Forum Announces 2019 Board Of Directors As Mission Expands To Drive Gender Equity In The Food Industry

DALLAS  – The Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) announces new executive committee leaders and incoming board members for 2019. Each noted leader represents a global brand collaborating under the expanded, bold WFF mission to equip the food industry with data-driven strategies to eliminate barriers to women’s advancement and Lead The Way to gender equity. WFF continues to serve as the go-to source for women’s leadership development and partners with food companies to create inclusive cultures where women thrive.

“Our 2019 Executive Committee and Board are made up of industry powerhouses who lead the organizations that will create limitless possibilities for women. The influence, visibility and commitment they bring to WFF’s mission will accelerate our progress as we lead an entire industry through uncharted territory to be among the first to close the gender gap and reap the rewards of a gender-diverse workforce,” said Hattie Hill, WFF President & CEO.

 *See attached for full list of new executive committee leaders from corporate powerhouses (like Coca-Cola, Red Lobster, General Mills, Chic-fil-A, McDonalds, etc.), all collaborating to drive gender equity*