Women’s Foodservice Forum Announces Nationwide Leadership Development Workshops to Help Women Build Courage & Take Risks

DALLAS — Women in a wide range of roles across all segments of the foodservice industry will explore and expand their leadership capabilities, with impactful sessions on how to take risks and how to share your unique value. These one-day workshops will also provide a safe community for women to build connections with peers and mentors.

More than ten years ago, WFF launched its Leadership Development Workshops (LDWs) that have proven to be valuable in helping women discover new tools to advance their careers. LDWs provide participants with an exceptional vehicle for accelerating learning through robust professional development and networking delivered with minimal time away from work and family. This one-day immersive experience includes two professional development sessions focused on core leadership competencies, a leadership exchange panel with industry executives sharing their insights and coordinated networking opportunities during breakfast and lunch for in-person attendees. Individuals can also attend virtually, and all participants will enjoy on-demand access to content after the workshops.

“Our LDWs are popular with both women building their careers in the foodservice industry and the employers who rely on their growing talent because they deliver high impact and value in a concentrated time,” explains WFF President & CEO Therese Gearhart. “Expert speakers and a highly interactive agenda keep participants learning, growing and connecting throughout this powerful one-day experience.”

Workshop Topics

  • Your Superpower Revealed: Clarify, Amplify & Share Your Unique Value
    When you understand your greatest strengths, you are empowered to use them to add maximum value and showcase your contributions in ways that get you noticed. With more than two decades of experience in learning and development and human resources, Courtney Ramsey will guide participants in completing a Superpower Discovery, clarifying their unique value, and developing strategies to intentionally leverage their abilities to increase impact and accelerate progress.
  • Leveling-up your Confidence to Lead
    According to research, courage is an essential leadership quality. But, when emerging leaders consider rejection, humiliation or failure as potential outcomes, they can find it difficult to act with courage. The founder of The Can-Do Company and author of A Cool Girl’s Guide To Courage, Candace Doby, will guide participants on how to leverage personal courage to speak up, take more risks and own their brilliance at work.
  • Leadership Exchange Panel with Industry Executives

Workshops launch in Orange County and travel the country
The LDWs will be offered in the following cities. REGISTRATION is now open.

Orange County, CA       September 24
Denver, CO      September 26
Orlando, FL           September 30
Dallas, TX               October 8 (in-person and virtual)
Minneapolis, MN       October 10
Phoenix, AZ      October 15
Chicago, IL        October 22
Atlanta, GA     November 14 (in-person and virtual)

Ambitious, talented women ready to take their careers to the next level can REGISTER now for this high-impact opportunity to learn and grow with others ready to accelerate their advancement in the dynamic foodservice industry. Scholarships are available for all cities and eligible women can apply here, starting in July.

ABOUT WOMEN’S FOODSERVICE FORUM: Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) is the leading non-profit advocacy community for women in the foodservice industry. WFF leverages research, insights and best practice solutions that enable food companies to address the pressing need for talent, drive better consumer insights and increase business performance by realizing the full potential of women leaders. Working since 1989 to provide the tools and resources to help women build leadership competencies that enhance career advancement, WFF also partners with the Foodservice Industry to create work environments where women thrive, and organizations reap the rewards of a gender-diverse workforce. For more information, visit wff.org.