World Champion Pizza Makers Introduces Revolutionary Inferno Series Cupola Revolving Oven

NEW YORK – New York Brick Oven Company, the industry leader in revolving brick ovens and pizza consulting, has just launched their newest series of revolving brick oven models.  “The Cupola Series” revolving brick ovens. The new “High Production” series comes with multiple dome option looks, from custom tiles to high polished metal finishes and enamels. Founded by world champion pizza maker Scot Cosentino of the the Pizza School of New York, the top pizza school and pizza consult company worldwide. 

The New York Brick Oven believes the classic new ‘Neapolitan’ look and high polished finishes will be the new best-selling revolving oven on the market today. The oven will also have their patented floor heat system, speed control, and programmable gas burner system. With production capacity up to 200 plus pies per hour the oven will be out producing all standard brick oven competitors. With cooking temperature ranges from 700f to 900f the new series are truly high production machines.

The New York Brick Oven Company has been manufacturing a variety of ovens for over 20 years such as Revolving Brick Ovens, Custom Brick Ovens, Coal Ovens, Matzo Ovens, Inferno Series Revolving, Fire Show Revolving Ovens (the Industries only backfired revolving brick oven) and now the Cupola Series Revolving Ovens. With ovens in every state across America as well as dozens of countries worldwide they are the industry leader in revolving brick ovens. The ovens are available through a nationwide network of dealers and distributors who are filling orders every week to meet the growing demands of the brick oven pizza revolution.

Their consulting and pizza school has trained and assisted opening some of the best pizza students and concepts worldwide.   

They have combined modern technology and old-world tradition to create the best ovens on the market today. The mission of the New York Brick Oven Company is to leverage technology to help brands succeed in a competitive, ever-changing pizza market. Website