4,000 Shrimp Tacos at ASC’s First 2022 US Marketing Event

MINNEAPOLIS – Taco time! The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and partners served up nearly 4,000 grilled, ASC-certified shrimp tacos to attendees at the 2022 Twin Cities Grillfest this past weekend.

ASC’s pop-up was the first of more than a dozen events the nonprofit will be holding in Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Miami this year as part of its “New Way to Seafood” promotion to introduce U.S. consumers to the purpose of ASC certification and the meaning behind its sea green certification label on seafood products.

At the May 21-22 Grillfest event, ASC partnered with Fortune Fish & Gourmet’s Coastal Seafoods to serve up grilled tacos made with Del Pacifico Seafood’s Pacific white farmed shrimp to thousands of guests, communicating the positive impacts of responsible aquaculture and ASC’s certification program. 

ASC’s booth was one of the most popular at the perennial Twin Cities festival held at the CHS Field baseball park with the line for tacos never less than 20 and attendees soaking up information about ASC’s highest seafood standards under the springtime Twin Cities sun.

ASC’s 2022 local market activations will continue throughout the year in select cities, including Minneapolis, with new pop-ups featured at restaurants, grocery stores and additional food festivals. Events conclude in Miami, Oct. 20-23, where ASC will serve and present at the world-renowned South Beach Seafood Festival.