Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation announces the 2021 Alaska Symphony of Seafood and Call for Product

The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) announced the Call for Product for the 28th annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood which culminates in 2021. The Alaska Symphony of Seafood is a competition for new value-added products made from Alaska seafood. The overall goal is to inspire innovative ways to fully utilize and increase the value of Alaska’s seafood. The Call for Product is now available. Entry forms and fees are due by October 6, 2020.

If your company currently has a product in the market made from Alaska seafood, your innovative product is requested for a command performance in the 28th annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood!

Since 1994, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation has conducted the Alaska Symphony of Seafood celebrating creative products made from Alaska seafood. The purpose of the event is to encourage and promote the development of value-added products made from fisheries resources taken from the pristine waters of Alaska. This year, we are excited to feature Salmon and Whitefish categories in addition to Retail, Food Service and Beyond the Plate categories. Product entries can enter into all qualified categories and are eligible for multiple awards (i.e. Retail and Salmon, or Beyond the Plate and Whitefish). Additionally, products will be eligible to win special awards in the following categories: Seattle People’s Choice, Juneau People’s Choice, Bristol Bay Choice, and the coveted Grand Prize. Any questions about qualifications of products should be directed to Val Motley.

The 28th annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood begins with the private judging of qualified entries in Seattle in November 2020. All products will be prepared and displayed by professional culinary staff. Following the judging, an Open House will be held for all entrants, seafood industry invitees, sponsors, the press and the judges. The next event will be an awards ceremony in Juneau in February 2021, allowing the display and sampling of products by the Alaska Legislature and other special guests. Again this year, the first place in each category will also be entered into the Seafood Expo North America’s competition for new products, called the Seafood Excellence Award.

In order to participate in the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, your product must be market ready—in commercial production by the date of the event. First place winners from each category are sent to Seafood Expo North America in Boston in March, 2021. Additionally, if your product wins in any category, including People’s Choice or the Grand Prize, you will be able to market your product as an Alaska Symphony of Seafood winner, helping to distinguish it from others as a high quality product. After the contest is over, we will also send you the judges’ scores and comments about your product. This kind of feedback is invaluable to any new product development effort.

The Alaska Symphony of Seafood enjoys excellent coverage by national and international seafood trade publications. For anyone interested in Alaska seafood, the renowned Alaska Symphony of Seafood is a great way to learn about the extraordinary efforts the industry has made to develop value-added products, to reduce fish waste, and to increase the value of Alaska’s seafood. From start to finish, the Alaska Symphony of Seafood offers a means to publicize new products, promote a healthy food, and help expand the worldwide markets for products made from Alaska seafood. We look forward to having your products participate in this exciting event!

In order to hold these events, the Symphony is 100% funded by industry and its supporters each year. AFDF would like to recognize and thank our sponsors from last year. Major sponsors include Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, Lineage Logistics, Trident Seafoods, Marine Stewardship Council, Northwest Fisheries Association, Alaska Air Cargo, At-Sea Processors Association, and the United Fishermen of Alaska. See here for a complete list of sponsors. Click here for more information on Symphony sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

About the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation

Founded in 1978, AFDF is dedicated to identifying common opportunities in the Alaska seafood industry and developing efficient, sustainable outcomes that provide benefits to the economy, environment and communities.