Australia’s Most Responsibly Farmed Seafood Named at Sustainable Seafood Awards 2023

The annual Sustainable Seafood Awards held by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council in partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council were held at Melbourne Zoo, showcasing the Aussie heroes of responsible seafood farming and sustainable fishing practices in Australia. As we approach Sustainable Seafood Week (27 March – 3rd April) and Easter (7-9 April), it’s more important than ever to keep responsible seafood eating top of mind.

The winners were a fantastic mix of organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions to responsible aquaculture, from retailers to producers and even an inspiring young person in the industry.

Pacific Reef Tigers, an ASC-certified prawn farm near Ayr in north Queensland, took home the ASC Best Responsible Producer Award for their innovative water quality control system named RegenAqua™ that cleans wastewater to a level where it can be reused!  It reduces nutrient pollution to below the global best practice of 5mg/L Nitrogen and 1mg/L Phosphorus and is both carbon neutral and chemical free.  This innovation not only reduces the environmental impact of the farm but also increases the efficiency of its operations.

The next standout star was Yumbah, which took home the ASC Above and Beyond Award for its Indigenous engagement and measures to reduce energy use, packaging, and plastics. Yumbah was also highly commended in the ASC Best Responsible Producer Award category for its integrated approach to managing and communicating environmental responsibilities. 

Caleb Trenberth, Propagation Manager at Yumbah was also highly commended for the ASC Young Person in Aquaculture Award.  He is responsible for propagating six million abalone each year to supply both the Yumbah Port Lincoln (South Australia) and Narrawong (Victoria) farms.

Yumbah is Australia’s leading sustainable and responsible abalone farming company, with several ASC-certified abalone farms across South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, including Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island, Narrawong, and Bicheno.

Taking home the ASC Best Retailer Award was ALDI Australia, which was recognised for its overall approach to responsible reporting and policies. Wollongong seafood store Harley and Johnswas highly recommended for the same award.

In addition, ALDI Australia’s Specially Selected smoked rainbow trout fillets have won the ASC Best Product Award. Made from responsibly farmed rainbow trout, these tinned fillets are expertly smoked to create a rich, smoky flavour. This award is a testament to ALDI’s commitment to providing high-quality and sustainable certified seafood options to its customers.

The KB Food Company won the ASC Best New Product category with their innovative product, Fish Creatures. This playful and educational product is specifically designed to engage children in the world of seafood and teach them about responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Featuring different types of seafood, such as fish fingers or nuggets shaped into fun animal or creature forms, make them more appealing and enjoyable for children to eat, helping to inspire the next generation of responsible seafood lovers.

The ASC Young Person in Aquaculture Award went to Jody Mulholland from Proserpine, QLD, an employee of Tassal who has made incredible strides in enhancing sustainability management at Tassal’s ASC-certified Proserpine Prawn farm. Tassal was also highly commended in the ASC Above and Beyond Award category for their efforts to reduce Green House Gases at their ASC-certified salmon farms in southeastern Tasmania.  A shift to electric pumps has resulted in reductions in noise and a million litres of diesel. 

And last but not least, Tasmanian, Hobart-based seafood supplier and restaurant ownerMures was acknowledged for their ongoing commitment to responsible aquaculture and making information about responsible aquaculture production available to consumers in both their retail and food service outlets, winning the Aquaculture Champion 2023 Award.

Duncan Leadbitter, Australian head of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, said: “Not only do we want to recognize the aquaculture farms that are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country, but we are also wholeheartedly impressed by the overall supply chain that has taken the extra step to ensure our seafood is responsibly sourced.  With aquaculture being a growth industry in rural Australia it is very rewarding to see growing opportunities for young people to have access to challenging and rewarding careers in the Australian seafood industry. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone working hard to make responsible seafood a reality in Australia!”

Award Winner + Highly Commended Quotes

Eco Aquaculture Australia (Pacific Reef Tigers) Executive General Manager, Dallas Donovan said: “Continuous improvement in sustainable aquaculture production is critical, not because it’s fashionable but because it’s the right thing to do. Use of the RegenAqua, all-natural, water treatment system provides a viable and highly effective option for both fresh and saltwater aquaculture operators to improve wastewater quality and participate in the circular economy.” 

Yumbah CEO David Wood said:“Yumbah understands that responsible farming is fundamental to a sustainable future and to earning the trust of our customers and communities.  ASC accreditation is a mark of that trust which enables these customers and communities to share the joy of shellfish with confidence that we are farming for current and future generations.”

ALDI Australia Corporate Responsibility Director, Daniel Baker said: “We are proud to have received these awards that recognise our commitments towards sourcing and promoting sustainable fish and seafood options. 

“It is fantastic to receive recognition from both the Marine and Aquaculture Stewardship Councils for our responsible fish and seafood sourcing. To be awarded the Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket Award as well as the  Best Retailer award reflects the effort and dedication of our team towards supplying the highest quality products while ensuring we act sustainably and responsibly across our entire supply chain.” 

“All private label ALDI products in our seafood range are responsibly sourced and we are delighted to continue our work closely with industry bodies including the Marine and Aquaculture Stewardship Councils, together we are ensuring that our products meet standards for sustainable fishing.” 

KB Food Company, Chief Executive Officer Tim Storey said:  “We are excited and honoured to receive the award for ASC New Product of the year.  It is a great testament to the direction of the business and the work put in by the whole team. We continue to deliver more sustainable products to the market showing our commitment to seafood sustainability.”

Tassal Managing Director and CEO, Mark Ryan said:  “At Tassal our purpose is ‘sustainably feeding tomorrow’. Our people, through their actions, bring this to life.  We are thrilled for the second consecutive year for this to be recognised at the Sustainable Seafood Awards.  Huge congratulations to Jody on winning the Young Person in Aquaculture Award.  This award is well deserved by Jodi who continues to make incredible strides in sustainability management at our Proserpine Farm.  The future is bright! We love seeing our people shine, but I am also very proud to see Tassal highly commended in the ASC Above and Beyond Award as we continue to benefit the future by reducing greenhouse gasses at our salmon farms in the South-east of Tassie.”

Tassal Proserpine Prawn Farm QLD employee, Jody Mulholland said: “I am so honoured to win this award and cannot thank Tassal enough for the opportunities they have given me so far.  I am grateful to have a career that I find so enjoyable and exciting whilst also being so rewarding. I love working in an industry that supports my passion for the ocean and allows me to continuously grow.  The aquaculture industry is a diverse field that is constantly evolving.  My hope is that more young people will join us to help sustainably feed tomorrow.” 

Mures Directors, Will & Judy Mure said: “Mures has always been strong advocates and supported sustainable, science-based management of our aquatic resources.  We are very proud to have received this award from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council which reinforces our strong commitment and continual promotion of sustainable aquaculture practices.” 

Harley and Johns owner, Grant Logue said: “It is a great honour to receive Highly Commended for ASC Best Retailer Award. We have an important role in helping to educate our customers and the wider community on the importance of responsible fish farming to ensure food supply and ease the dependency of wild catch seafood for future generations.”

Award Winners by Location


  • ALDI Australia, winner ASC Best Responsible Retailer Award + Specially Selected smoked rainbow trout fillets /ASC winner Best Responsible Seafood  Product Award.


  • Wollongong,  Harley and Johns seafood store –  highly commended Best Responsible Retailer Award.


  • Proserpine, Jody Mullholand – winner ASC Young Person in Aquaculture Award – Tassal Proserpine Prawn Farm.
  • Ayr in north Queensland, Pacific Reef Tigers, – winner of ASC Best Responsible Producer Award.


  • Narrawong Yumbah farm, winner of  ASC Above and Beyond Award + highly commended ASC Best Responsible Producer Award.
  • Mulgrave Melbourne, Head Office – KB Food Company – winner ASC Best New Product, Sea Creatures, CEO Tim Storey also from here.


  • Hobart, Mures – winner Aquaculture Champion 2023 Award.
  • Yumbah- Bicheno farm, winner ASC Above and Beyond Award + highly commended ASC Best Responsible Producer Award.
  • Tassal – highly commended in the Above and Beyond award – Tassal has ASC-certified farms in southeastern Tasmania.


  • Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island Yumbah farms, winner ASC Above and Beyond Award + highly commended ASC Best Responsible Producer Awar + Port Lincoln, Caleb Trenberth,  highly commended ASC Young Person in Aquaculture Award.

About the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, The ASC is the world’s leading certification scheme for farmed seafood – known as aquaculture – and the ASC label only appears on food from farms independently assessed and certified as being environmentally and socially responsible.

The ASC is transforming fish farming to ensure Australians can trust where their seafood comes from and how it was raised. It is working towards both changing consumer behaviour and preference when buying seafood, and, together with partners, making the global seafood market more responsible.

About The Sustainable Seafood Awards, The annual SSA are organised by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council in partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council. The Awards recognise organisations and individuals who make significant contributions towards ensuring we will have “Fish Forever” by supporting responsible aquaculture and sustainable fishing practices. Both Councils are not-for-profit organisations, setting certification standards for fish farming and sustainable fishing respectively.

Their visions are to transform the world’s seafood markets toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Fish that carry the green ASC label are farmed to strict standards to ensure Australians can trust where their seafood comes from and how it was raised. Fish that carry the blue MSC label are wild caught from fisheries on a mission to end overfishing and protect our last truly wild food source. 

SSWA celebrates the fisheries, farms, retailers, chefs and restaurants that support these combined missions and ensure the world has seafood forever.

About Sustainable Seafood Week Australia This event is the annual occasion for ASC and MSC to join forces and call everyone to take action to protect our oceans, lakes and rivers, and ensure those people who work in the seafood industry are treated fairly. Sustainable Seafood Week runs from 27 March – 2 April closely followed by Easter 7-9th April 2023. The campaign aims to raise consumers’ awareness about the importance of sustainable seafood choices in order to preserve marine resources for future generations. 


Pacific Reef Tigers is an ASC-certified prawn farm located near Ayr in north Queensland. The farm has gained recognition for its commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices, including developing a new water quality control system named RegenAqua™ that cleans wastewater from the farm to a level where it can be reused. This innovation not only reduces the environmental impact of the farm but also increases the efficiency of its operations.

Yumbah is a leading sustainable and responsible Australian abalone farming company, with several ASC-certified abalone farms located across South Australia and Victoria. The company’s approach includes using sustainable feed, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting biodiversity by preserving natural habitats. Additionally, Yumbah prioritizes engaging with local communities and promoting indigenous engagement.

ALDI Australia is committed to promoting responsible seafood sourcing practices and working closely with suppliers to ensure they meet their strict fish and seafood requirements. In addition to responsible sourcing, the company also focuses on reducing waste and minimising their environmental impact by introducing initiatives to reduce plastic waste, using recycled materials in their packaging, and promoting transparency in their supply chain operations.  ALDI’s efforts have been recognised with several awards, including the ASC Best Product Award and the Best Retailer Award at the Sustainable Seafood Awards. These awards are a testament to ALDI’s dedication to providing high-quality and responsible seafood options to their customers and making a positive impact on the environment and the community.

KB Food Company prioritises seafood sustainability and responsible sourcing. Their award-winning product, Fish Creatures, promotes responsible fishing practices and educates children in a fun and engaging way. Overall, KB Food Company is committed to positively impacting the environment and the community.

Tassal has several ASC-certified operations in Australia, including:
– Tassal’s ASC-certified Proserpine Prawn farm in Proserpine, QLD
– Tassal has ASC-certified salmon farms in several locations on the southeast coast of Tasmania
All of these operations have been certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for their commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices.  They prioritize sustainable and responsible farming practices, including reducing their environmental impact, promoting animal welfare, and working with local communities.

Mures is a Tasmania-based seafood supplier and restaurant owner that prioritizes sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices. They are committed to transparency and engage in initiatives to reduce waste and minimize their environmental impact.

Highly Commended:

Harley and Johns is a seafood store located in Wollongong that has gained recognition for its commitment to responsible and sustainable fishing practices. One of the first independent fish markets in NSW to gain ASC Chain of Custody certification, they offer a wide range of fresh and high-quality seafood that is sourced locally and ethically. Harley and Johns prioritize transparency in their operations and provide their customers with detailed information about the origin and sustainability of their seafood. The store is also actively involved in environmental initiatives, including participating in beach cleanups and reducing plastic waste.