Blockchain Expands its Aquaculture Presence With Shrimp and Salmon

For years, aquaculture businesses have weighed the merits of adopting blockchain technology — a digital method of securely storing and sharing swaths of data. Such an innovative tool has potential to advance the aquaculture industry, as it enables a distributed ledger to record product movements and other data, allowing for more efficient and accurate traceability of seafood sources.

With sustainability, animal welfare and food quality increasingly top of mind with consumers, blockchain offers one way for suppliers of premium products to differentiate themselves from the competition. But as some suppliers and experts note, deploying the technology presents challenges and blockchain is only part of the solution to eliminating food fraud.

In a June release, the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) said its members were expanding their use of blockchain technology. Separately, salmon producer Nova Sea announced in June it was moving toward implementing blockchain – another potential sign that more aquaculture producers could embrace this emerging technology.

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