Blue Foot White Shrimp – Seafood Twister?

No, it’s not the latest game craze – it’s an excellent new option in our shrimp selection! We are bringing in fresh, 51-60 count Blue Foot White Shrimp from Ecuador! This fantastic fresh shrimp option is raised in an all natural, eco-friendly environment on the coast of Ecuador where sustainability is the main goal.

You’ll love their pure taste and firm texture courtesy of swift Pacific tidal currents that naturally replenish the ponds. These delicious shrimp are harvested around the clock so that you can enjoy the freshest, tastiest shrimp available on the market, 24 hours from harvest!

  • shrimp is raised in a low-density environment to avoid overcrowding and promote good health
  • vertically integrated farm with full control over all operations guarantees a safe and 100% traceable product
  • all natural, free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and never treated with preservatives

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