Call it ‘Cell-Based’: New Study Looks at Selling Seafood Grown From Cells

The debate over what to call protein grown from cells has long been unsettled, practically since the first public tasting of a cultivated beef burger back in 2013. Back then, news coverage described the burger as “lab-grown,” but a new study set to be published in the Journal of Food Science has a replacement to recommend: “cell-based.”

The name debate has proven particularly vexing for makers of cultured meat. The technique used to create these foods remains provocative—growing a piece of meat or fish from cells—but the final product happens to also be quite ordinary. Foods like chicken nuggets, burgers and slices of fish. Companies want the name to match.

Commissioned by the cell-based seafood maker BlueNalu, Rutgers University psychologist William K. Hallman, PhD, tested the reactions of just over 3,000 participants to seven different possible product names.

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