Canadian Grocer to Allow Reusable Containers for Seafood

Canadian supermarket chain Metro has announced that it’s embracing the use of reusable containers. Starting on April 22, customers in all Quebec stores will be allowed to bring containers from home to fill with meat, seafood, deli products, and prepared foods.

A few rules apply. Containers must be clean and staff can refuse to fill if they’re not clean enough. Plastic containers and ziplock bags are allowed, as long as they do not have a ‘company name’ (presumably another grocery brand?) on them. The staff responsible for filling containers must wash their hands frequently and ensure that the containers do not touch food preparation surfaces.

Metro says its goal is to reduce single-use packaging, something that customers are increasingly concerned about. While implementing a system like the much-hyped Loop system (where stores provide reusable containers that customers take home, then return for cleaning) is something supermarkets may look to do in the future, this is an immediate solution to the problem.

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