Coronavirus: How It Affects Norwegian Seafood Exports

The Norwegian Seafood Council receives many requests from media and industry about how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic affects Norwegian seafood exports and the operations of the Norwegian Seafood Council. As there are many uncertainties and the situation is constantly evolving, we have created this page to give regular updates and analysis.

NSC status update as of 14 May

“We are seeing major changes in the flow of goods for fresh whole salmon as a result of the corona situation. As an example, last week there was 20 percent growth in exports to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, while exports to Italy declined by 29 percent and Lithuania by 31 percent”, said Paul T. Aandahl, seafood analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

“Exports of fresh whole salmon to Asia increased by 1 percent last week compared to the same week last year. Three markets in particular have stood out positively recently, China, Hong Kong and Israel. Exports of fresh salmon fillets to Israel have increased by 144 percent from week 10 to week 19. For fresh whole salmon, however, there was a decrease of 14 percent. Exports to Israel overall for fresh salmon, whole and fillet, the increase was 28 percent in the last ten weeks to 2 561 tonnes,” Aandahl says.

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