Cortez’s Top Seafood Distributor Expects Lower Price for Newly Shortened Stone Crab Season

Third-generation Cortezian Karen Bell refuses to grumble when asked about how business is going at her dining destination Star Fish Company and its popular sister restaurant Tide Tables, which also hugs the water in historic Cortez fishing village.

“It’s a little off but better than a lot of people are doing, so I’m not complaining at all,” she said while on the phone Wednesday morning multitasking. “I’m just glad we’re functioning as well as we are. We never really closed. Same as Tide Tables. We’re doing fine. The numbers are still down, but not terrible.

“I honestly don’t know yet if we’re seeing people from up north; usually by mid-October they start arriving,” Bell continues. “It’s locals right now supporting us. I’m curious what (tourist) season and stone crab season are going to be like.” 

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