Demand For Scallops Outweighs Supply

Several days before Thanksgiving, marine superintendent Dave Fronzuto saw something on Nantucket’s waterfront he had never experienced before.

“I’ve witnessed several attempted transactions at Children’s Beach or here [the town pier] with people with mop buckets trying to buy scallops and I can tell you that [in] all of those attempted transactions the fishermen haven’t been selling to them,” said Fronzuto, also Nantucket’s head shellfi sh warden.

Having never encountered anybody down at the docks trying to buy unshucked scallops from fishermen before, Fronzuto was pleasantly surprised when the would-be buyers, who were obviously from off island, left the docks empty-handed and he praised the fishermen for holding onto their catch.

“There are two issues here. There is just not enough scallops on the market to support the retail market and then people are trying to circumvent that by buying them right off the boat,” he said.

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