Dynamic Systems Announces the Integration of SIMBA to NetYield ERP

Kirkland, OR – SIMBA, the real-time automation software for fresh food processors and distributors, announces a partnership with NetYield, an ERP solution designed specifically for seafood companies.

NetYield has been providing a solution for seafood accounting to companies from one-person operations to seafood giants for over 20 years.  The cloud-based ERP offers key features required for accurate accounting for seafood processors including multiple units of measure, lot-level custom attributes, sales and order management, inventory management and more.

SIMBA is the automation software used by seafood and meat processors that tracks production and inventory while providing full end-to-end traceability.  SIMBA increases the productivity and accuracy of companies through the use of barcodes and scanning technology.

The integration of SIMBA and NetYield results in a fully automated, end-to-end solution for seafood companies, improving their bottom line through the ability to track product as it is processed, to recognize inventory as it is packed, and to control the sales and order process through shipping with minimal manual data entry.