First Blue Swimming Crab Harvester Cooperative Formed In Indonesia

On February 20th, 2017. Blue Star Foods (USA), PT Blue Star Nusantara (BSN) through one of its subsidiaries PT Siger Jaya Abadi, along Wilderness Markets teamed up to assist in the formation of the first Blue Swimming crab harvester cooperative in East Lampung province, Indonesia. Such support was realized at the "Fishermen Cooperative Extension and the Establishment in the Context of Sustainability of Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries" in the Fish Landing Base (PPI) complex, Muara Mas Gading, District Labuhan Maringgai, East Lampung district, approximately 3.5 hours away from the capital of Lampung province. 

The representatives from the US were the CEO of Blue Star Foods USA, John R. Keeler, and Neel Inamdar of Wilderness Markets, both of which provided funding support for the establishment of cooperative “Nelayang Rajungan”, first in Indonesia, whose mission is the preservation of the Blue Swimming Crab fisheries as well as the welfare of fishermen. 

The cooperative was formed under the extension of the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs Lampung Timur, was named Cooperative Work Young Bahari, chaired by Mr. Syamsudin, a local fisherman, with a membership of 37 local crab fishermen. 

Also present on the occasion was PT Blue Star Nusantara (BSN) CEO, Yoga Sadana, Secretary General of the Association of Management Rajungan (Blue Swimming Crab) Indonesia (APRI); Bambang Arif Nugroho, Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs East Lampung; M Novriadie, Chairman HNSI East Lampung Bayu Witara, deputy head of the village of Muara Ivory Mas Edi Susilo, and crab fishermen who are members of the newly formed cooperative.

Neel Inamdar of Wilderness Market, confirmed the support of his organization. "The main purpose of our support for the establishment of this cooperative is a crab fishery conservation and the welfare of fishermen," he said. Meanwhile, John R. Keeler added that the cooperative is a unique collaborative approach between the public and the government based on highly inclusive social culture in Indonesia. "Through the establishment of the cooperative approach, we look to implement solutions that enable gear exchange, creation of Special Management Zones and capture fishery management data necessary to inform management practices and inform data driven harvest control rules, while providing traceability to consumers, "from fisherman to consumer".," he said.

East Lampung district contributes 15 percent of the total production of blue swimming crab in Indonesia, and has been declared by the government to become a pilot initiative fisheries management for Blue Swimming crab sustained by the Directorate of Fish Resources (PSDI), DG Fish, Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

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Source: Blue Star Foods