Fishermen Getting Desperate As $ 300M Federal Bailout Stalls

It has been more than a month since President Trump agreed to set aside $300 million in COVID-19 bailout money to help the beleaguered U.S. fishing industry, but regulators have yet to say who is eligible for financial rescue, much less distribute any of the money.

Maine fishermen are growing desperate, and lawmakers impatient, for the U.S. Department of Commerce to announce who qualifies for the bailout, how much money they can get, and how it can be spent. They want the president to release the $300 million immediately.

“With each day that passes absent this assistance, the frustration and economic damage mount,” said U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. “These disruptions have harmed the entire seafood supply chain … and the countless Maine communities whose cultures and economies are anchored by fisheries.”

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