Fishing For White, Brown, & Pink Shrimp Is Open Off South Carolina In Federal Waters

Federal waters adjacent to South Carolina state waters are open to fishing for white, brown, and pink shrimp as of 4:15 p.m., local time, June 13, 2018. 

South Carolina state waters remain closed until the state determines an appropriate reopening date.   


  • South Carolina closed its state waters to all shrimping on January 10, 2018, due to a prolonged period of water temperatures at or below 9°C in the region.
  • South Carolina requested NOAA Fisheries close federal waters off South Carolina to shrimping. The federal closure was effective January 17, 2018.
  • The purpose of the closure was to protect the white shrimp spawning population.
  • Observations of mature white shrimp, as well as evidence of recent and current spawning, provided by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, suggest the federal waters should be reopened off South Carolina to allow for harvest. 
  • South Carolina officials will continue to monitor the white shrimp population to determine when it is appropriate to allow shrimp fishing to resume in state waters.

This bulletin provides only a summary of the existing regulations. Full regulations can be found in the Federal Register.  

Source: NOAA Fisheries